Announcing the publication of HD Book 4.0, a document that ratifies the adoption of HbbTV for interactive TV receiver equipment in Italy

HD Forum Italia (HDFI) announces the publication of release 4.0 of HD Book, a series of documents that set out the technical specifications for television receiver equipment manufacturers on the Italian market. HD Book 4.0 ratifies the adoption of HbbTV version 2.0.1 technology, based on HTML5, as a single standard for interactive TV services provided by broadcasters on Smart TV and set-top-boxes.

The first terminals featuring the new technology, which is not only an open standard, but also shared at European level and integrated with Web language, are expected to arrive on the market in the course of 2017. HbbTV will thus replace the MHP standard, which was introduced into Italy from 2004 onwards for making the apps that enable users to view interactive television in non-linear mode.   

Publication of HD Book 4.0 is the result of work done by the Joint Technical Group (JTG), a body formed within the HD Forum Italia Association specifically to produce the HD Book series in conjunction other international standardization bodies, and representatives of the audiovisual industry and supply chain. Support was provided by an ad-hoc subgroup, known as the HbbTV Working Group, created jointly with the HbbTV Association through a memorandum of understanding. An intense journey, once again accomplished in partnership with Confindustria Radio Televisioni (CRTV).

Franco Siddi, Chairman of Confindustria Radio Televisioni, declared: “We are delighted to be working with HD Forum Italia and in particular on the publication of HD Book 4.0. The project sets out to align the Italian industry and market with the rest of Europe, in a sector – that of interactive television services – which is expected to show excellent growth in the years to come, and to be a strategic development factor for the whole national economy.”

For Benito Manlio Mari, President of HD Forum Italia, “HD Book 4.0 is an essential piece in the quest for technical specifications and rules that can be shared across national boundaries. This is the goal of HD Forum Italia which, ever since its inception in 2006, has been committed to the harmonious development of the television system. Now we can’t wait to begin promoting implementation of the initial services so as to create new growth opportunities for the Italian and European markets.”

HD Book 4.0 can be downloaded from the HD Forum Italia website at the following link: