Reasons to join

In recent years acceleration of technical innovation relating to the audiovisual industry has experienced a huge boost. The new viewing technologies such as High Definition or 3D and soon Ultra HD, the enhanced image and sound quality, the continuous convergence between TVs , PCs and mobile devices are forcing media and consumer electronics industry operators to face continually new technological and business challenges. It is precisely in this context that proposing and producing harmonisation and convergence elements, and achieving consensus becomes an inevitable necessity. Specific techniques, business requirements and open and global standards are essential for a harmonious and sustainable development of the evolution taking place in the audiovisual world.

The importance of being part of HD Forum Italia lies precisely in accepting and sharing these challenges in an open, collaborative and precompetitive way, particularly concerning the definition of common rules and procedures, ensuring “a level playing field” for everyone. Becoming an active member means contributing to this process, that is, having a leading role in determining and governing the evolution of the industry and the introduction of innovations on the market.

In HD Forum Italia company size is only of relative importance, as in fact, every entity with specific interests in the audiovisual field has the opportunity to share ideas, experiences and objectives as equals and participate in the development of future growth and directions for the industry and the diffusion of the technologies.