Who we are

HD Forum Italia is an association established to promote, support and disseminate the use of audiovisual and multimedia content, High Definition, Ultra High Definition and 3D products and technologies and any other emerging audiovisual solutions. Founded in 2006, HD Forum Italia brings together in a single association the players in the Italian audiovisual sector and the Italian agents of foreign companies for the purpose of creating a catalyst of experiences and interests that respond to the need to adequately address an exceptional evolutionary scenario. In parallel with the evolution of High Definition, HD Forum Italia, too, has made significant progress, its membership has swollen, and it has developed its structure and organisation in such a way as to promote and support the technological phenomenon as a not-for-profit organisation.

HD Forum Italia addresses today’s new technological challenges: integration between terrestrial TV and internet TV, plano-stereoscopic TV (3D), Ultra High Definition. This is the meaning of “High Definition and Beyond“, a “brand extension” that completes its logo and reinforces its mission. HD Forum Italia is an open trade association that welcomes any entities with institutional , commercial or industrial interests in the audiovisual and television industry: producers, content providers and aggregators, broadcasters, network operators, research institutes and laboratories, equipment manufacturers and distributors, representatives of institutions.